South American 'Popcorn Fiesta'

Sow - May
Harvest  - September

After travelling in South American, we wanted to replicate the vibrant colours and tastes of the many varieties we had eaten in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Our favourite recipe was soup with Quinoa, sweetcorn, lime and avocado.

English Garden Eating ApplesHarvest  - August to October

For some reason this years crop of apples have tasted delicious. Maybe its been that perfect mix of sunshine and showers at the right time? Apples in a fruit bowl always look un-appetising, but picked straight off the tree with a  quick rub - just tastes devine!

Horse ChestnutsHarvest  - Early November

In a top-secret location in Somerset I have found a handful of Horse Chesnut trees bearing fruit! Seaking them out on the forest floor, is like panning for gold. These little beauties will taste lovely roasted in the oven and perfect for sharing with friends around the bonfire on Guy Faulks night.

Broad Beans

Sow - November
Harvest  - June

This was going to be the 'last chance' for the humble broad bean in the allotment. Every year we sow a good crop only to see it bitten alive by black fly. Not this time... I sowed in November which hardens the crop, when they reached 10cm high I nipped the tops off. And my top tip White plastic butterflies to warn off the real thing! Producing a bumper tasty bean crop!