Goucho Riding
Córdoba, Argentina

Riding across the pampas with local gauchos in Argentina was a dream come true. We camped at the Estancia in the beautiful rolling hills of the Sierra de Córdoba.
3 Days Riding

The Lake District Bike Ride

Bariloche, Argentina

Mountain Biking offers an a great way to explore the stunning lakes and mountains of the Patagonian Lake District. Experience beautiful scenery, cycling along beaches, next to mountain ranges & visiting spectacular lakes and waterfalls.

22km 3 hours

Mendoza Bike & Wine Tour


Combine a rickety bike with no brakes, hot sunshine then add lots of free wine! Enjoy some of Argentina's best wine by pedal power.
12km 4 hours

Death RoadBolivia

It has been dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous road,’ with hairpin turns, no guardrails. The 40-mile road that extends from La Paz to Coroico, is mostly all down hill and the bike trip starts at an altitude of 15,260 feet and ends at 3,900 feet.

64km 8 hours

The Orient Loop


This has to be the nicest little cycle route in Mallorca. rom Bunyola up to Orient and down to Alaro. 40km 4 hours

Andes Horse Riding

Short but thrilling ride in a dramatic landscape
Half Day Riding

Villa de Leyva

Forget health and safety on this ride, just try and keep up with our Spanish speaking guide, even galloping on the main road!
1 Day Riding