Fitz Roy Mountain
Patagonia, ArgentinaThe trek starts out on a forest path looking out to the Piedras Blancas glacier, before a steep 800m ascent.

22km, 6 hours.

Huerquehue National Park

Pucon, Chilie

Los Lagos Trail, treking through forests of ancient araucaria trees and surrounding lakes.

13 km, 4½ hours.

Valle de la Luna
San Pedro de Atacama, Chilie

TheAtacama Desert is widely accepted as the driest place on earth. Treking
over salt layers before arriving at an impressive dune in the middle of the Salt Range.

Tarpuy Yachay Inca Trek

Andes, Peru

Four days trek ascending to about 4,700m when you cross the highest pass. spectacular mountain peaks, verdant hillsides dotted by isolated villages. 43 km, 4 Days

Yasuni National Park

Amazon, Ecuador

Crossing the Garzacocha Lake, walk through untouched forest to observe other plant and animal species in the Jungle.

San Agustín Archaeological Park
San Agustín, Colombia
The largest group of megalithic sculptures and religious monuments in South America. Located
in spectacular, terrain surrounded by the Magdalena Valley.

Appalachian Trail, The Smoky Mountains

Tennessee-North Carolina, USA

At 6625 feet elevation, Clingmans Dome is the highest point on the entire Appalachian Trail and the third highest peak east of the Mississippi.

Soller - Various Visits

Majorca, Spain

Deia to Soller 12.5km, 3 hours

Soller - 14km, 4 hours

Soller to Cala Tuent 16km, 4 hours

Bunyola - Penal d'Honor 12.5km, 4 hours

Port de Pollenca - The Boquer Valley 6km, 2hours

Llano de la Perdiz

Granada, Spain

This walk explores the Llano de la Perdiz, an area of parkland above the Alhambra with views across to the Sierra Nevada to the south-east and the Sierra de Huétor to the north.

King Alfreds Tower to Stourhead
Wilshire, England

We started the walk near King Alfreds Tower an impressive Folly. Then through the woods of Pines, Oaks and Chesnuts, Lunch on our favorite tree stump, admiring the Autumn colours. Then the 'freebie' view of Stourhead spectacular gardens and house. Back through the Six Wells valley.
9km, 3 hours

Majorca, Spain

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Majorca, enjoying the rich scent of Lemon & Orange blossoms in the air.

Can Pastilla to Palma 13km, 2 hours

Port Sollerto to Deia (Coast Route) 9km, 3 hours

Deia to Valdemosa 10km, 3 hours

Deia to Deia (Mountain Route) 10km, 3 hours